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AGNI - 6x6" mixed media portrait.

This is a depiction of Agni, fire-god of Hinduism.

Agni has many dimensions. He is a hearth god as well as the god of the sun and of lightning. Because he is a hearth god, he is also a messenger god, delivering sacrifices from humans to the divine. He remains a popular god, invoked in many ceremonies of birth, marriage, and death. He is also the guardian deity of the southeast direction and can be found in southeast corners of Hindu temples.

This depiction of Agni uses two primary references. For composition and style, it follows the print Agni, the Fire God by Nandalal Bose, 1913. Nandalal Bose was a brilliant pioneer of modern Indian art, and illustrator of the Constitution of India. The second reference is from ‘Agni’ a gouache painting on paper titled owned by the British Museum. I referenced the colour and jewelry from this painting. I borrowed heavily from both artworks but superimposed a modern face on the deity to reflect his contemporary relevance. That is why this version of Agni looks out at his viewer. He exists in the age of the selfie.


Wood block, gold paint, Red ink, pencil, pencil crayon, ink, gel pen, UV resistant acrylic coating.