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TLALOC - 6x6" mixed media portrait

This is a depiction of Tlaloc, fertility, rain, and lightning god of the Aztecs.

Christianity is the dominant religion in Mexico. However, Mexico was converted by the Spanish, who sought to convince the population to adopt Christianity by drawing comparisons between the Native religious figures and Christian saints. This means colonization and Christian evangelizing has not completely undermined Tlaloc’s cultural influence on modern Mexicans.

Throughout Mexico, Tlaloc is often referred to as a person rather than an ancient symbol. Tlaloc has taken on the life of a sort of patron saint in the town of Coatlinchan. After a large statue of Tlaloc was relocated from Coatlinchan to Mexico City, residents erected a reproduction. They consider the original to be kidnapped, as they were promised that the statue would remain with them.

This piece is not a depiction of that large monument. It is a fairly faithful rendition of a much smaller ceramic artwork from the Templo Mayor in Tenochtitlan. The original is part of a larger, vase piece.


Wood block, black acrylic paint, pencil, pencil crayon, ink, gel pen, UV resistant acrylic coating